Scott  + Travis

Friday, 2 June 2017

So, you're feeling the social pressure to present us with a wedding gift, but not enough social pressure that you got us something even remotely on time?

You’re too kind.
The wedding registries were picked clean, but might we suggest...

Contribute to our honeymoon

We haven't booked a honeymoon yet, but we're thinking maybe New Zealand later in the year. Would you like to help us get there? You can send us a wedding gift online via PayPal if you're lazy—er, practical—like us.

Donate to a worthy cause

If you're not sure what we might like, might we suggest a charitable donation instead?


UNICEF works around the world to feed, educate, and take care of kids; fight for equal rights for girls, and respond in the case of natural disasters.

Donate to UNICEF on our behalf


The ACLU works tirelessly to protect the rights of everyone in the United States. It's possible that without their efforts we wouldn't be able to get married at all. And they also fight for the dignity of women and immigrants, stand up against abuses of power, preserve religious freedom, and work to make sure that everyone gets a vote and that the law is fair for all.

Donate to the ACLU or ACLU Foundation on our behalf

Let us pick the charity

Or we can just pick for you. (And take the tax deduction.)

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